Installing all that wiring and new multi media systems for homes we are constantly asked by families with growing kids how to manage PC / ¬†Internet access. The first one is about computer time. If all user accounts are properly set up and password protected you can set a daily amount of computer time allowed and if it runs out and home work still needs to be done you can easily add more time. The biggie of course is “the other stuff”. Well we’ve pretty much got that one sorted by using OpenDNS. Google and read up on it. This is the same system as used in many American schools and works by you changing the DNS settings in your router. It is very easy to do and means all your pc’s and wireless devices are covered throughout the house. Most mobile phone providers also offer content blocking services. It wont get them off the xbox or playstation or stop the kids looking at cats doing strange things, but at least the net at home becomes that much safer.