There are now many different ways to access television content at home and for those of you who are looking to get rid of yet another costly direct debit, cancelling a satellite or cable subscription may not be as much of a sacrifice as one might think. If you already have a dish then FreeSat offers access to numerous channels and you can still have a box which will record and store programmes, as you can with FreeView which comes in via the aerial. But what about films and other shows not on regular TV channels? Apple TV is great for new films (and flipping iPad content onto the big screen) whilst Amazon has now bought LoveFilm. It might still be a subscription, but for £80 a year not only can you get your Amazon Prime speedy delivery service but with a Smart TV you also have access to a huge number of films and TV shows for no extra charge. Even if your TV doesn’t have internet capability many DVD players now do and they are not expensive either. The deal breaker for many of course will be sporting events though access to these is now being fragmented as the big media companies fight for rights to various sports and leagues. BUT, if you don’t have access to sports that means an excuse to go round to a mates house or out the pub. What easier way to get your husband off the sofa and the footy off the telly? And if you are the sports fan you can go out and perhaps your partner can do some house work or take the kids to the park. That’s right ladies, this post was actually for you too!