Our teams have completed many loft conversions in the London area.  One of the least invasive types of work, as you don’t often see staff working in the house until the stairs up to the new floor go in, clients almost always continue “living in” during a loft conversion.

Unlike many loft conversion companies we do not sub-contract out the projects and throughout the build we will work closely with you to ensure you get the best possible use of space. As long as everyone sticks to a strict plan and timeline loft conversions are generally one of the more straight forward types of building project, but that does not mean less attention than for any other build as it’s the details that really count in a loft.

Maximising natural daylight through high quality windows, good bathroom design and the best possible wardrobe space are all vital to a successful loft conversion. A great loft conversion also means having the television in the right spot, hiding all the cables, somewhere to charge your toothbrush, having bedside light sockets in the right position and ensuring you’ve planned your storage space down to the last pair of shoes. We want to help you think about how you will use and live in your loft in the months and years to come so you will be happy long after hand-over day.

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