Well done to Cathy Maund, Kate Fishenden,  Sarah Heaton, Liz Clark, Web Whizz Annie Pennington and everyone else who has contributed to bringing a proper Spring to Askew Road. As part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival and as a way of promoting local businesses tens of fruit trees can now be found outside shops, restaurants and cafes along the two main shopping sections of the Askew Road. This must have taken an enormous amount of unpaid hard work. Our own tree sits happily outside Cafe Louche and will remain there along with the others for three weeks after which the trees will be off to local schools, charities and other suitable homes. Not only does this brighten up the area, it also reflects some local history as to the west of Askew Road there used to be many allotments and orchards. The gardens of Emlyn Road are still home to many surviving fruit trees and some can even be found to the East side in the far more built up areas of Shepherds Bush.